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Welcome to our children's page! Teach your children about JESUS! We must be born again (born of HIS spirit) to even enter His kingdom. SEEK JESUS for all things! We, as parents are responsible to bringing up our children in the LORDs ways. It's very crucial that we are always honest with our children and being DOers of what JESUS says, so that they will learn from watching our lives. If we are living holy, then our children will learn how important it is to obey Jesus and about the seriousness of sin (which is spiritual death), KNOWING JESUS is a salvation issue for your whole family.


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Bible Stories: Cartoon Videos

Here are several bible story videos (testimonies) from the net to show your children. Bible stories should not be seen as a fairytale or something you just read to your children before bedtime.  These events were recorded and given to us by God to LEARN lessons from the way people lived their lives, either in holiness (repentance) or in wickedness (sin). Each bible video is 10 minutes long (unless specified longer). Videos are a great visual for learning and understanding bible stories for young children.  After watching the videos, it would be wise to answer any questions by prayer!! Always go directly TO JESUS.
PLEASE NOTE: Some videos may leave out important information that God wants our children to know, so its always wise to read the FULL story in the bible together as a family and ASK JESUS for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, truth in ALL things.. obey his commandments He gives you daily.


 David and Goliath - Part 1 of 3  David and Goliath - Part 2 of 3  David and Goliath - Part 3 of 3


Solomon, a man who was once a king and full of Godly wisdom, sadly fell from Gods grace in the end of his life because of his disobedience towards God (sin). However, this truth is not shown or discussed in the following videos and it IS a vital lesson for all of Gods children to learn.  Solomon's life is a lesson to teach us about the seriousness of sin, which ends in spiritual death. (READ 1 Kings 11:1-13.)

 Solomon - Part 1 of 3  Solomon - Part 2 of 3  Solomon - Part 3 of 3




1.  The Parable of the Two Sons (READ Matt 21:28-32)

2.  The Rich Man & Lazarus (READ Luke 16:19-31)

3.  The Parable of the Talents (READ Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28)


Parables of Jesus - Part 1 of 3   Parables of Jesus - Part 2 of 3  Parables of Jesus -  Part 3/3

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