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Watch full bible movies.  Ignite4Christ.com is in no way affiliated with any copyright notices attached to the following videos. If you see a movie that you would like taken off due to copyright notice(s), please contact us and we will remove it right away.  You can watch the movie in full screen by selecting the full screen icon. Watch Bible Cartoons!!  Remember to always pray before watching anything and ask God to lead you to truth in ALL things. 

Moses (full movie)



Jacob (Part 1/2)

Jacob (Part 2/2)

The Book of Genesis (full movie)

Abraham (full movie)

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The Gospel of John (Part 1/2)

The Gospel of John  (Part 2/2)

The Jesus Movie 1979 (full movie)

Jesus the Movie (full movie)

In The Beginning (movie playlist 1/22)
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